This site was created for our friends and family to track the progress of our sailing adventure. Check the sections "Locate Eagle's Wings" and "Latest Update" for the most recent news. We posted the "Latest Update" January 7, 2024. All of the pictures on the site can be expanded to a larger size by clicking on the image. We will be updating existing pages on this site from time to time -- there is a "last updated" date on the bottom of each page so that should help you figure out if you've seen it before. Here is a brief summary of the sections on our site:

Locate Eagle's Wings

We send position updates via our SSB (single side band) radio or iridium satellite telephone to 3rd party tracking services. Position updates are the only updates we can do underway -- all of the other updates (logs, pictures, etc...) have to wait until we get to a place that has internet access.
Latest Update
Latest updates of our trip. We will move the old posting to "Trip Log" when we make a new entry in this section.
This is our Welcome page (you are on the page now) and provides an overview to the site and some usage tips.
About Eagle's Wings
Technical information about the boat. Not much is in this section yet -- we'll add more over time.
About Us
Information about us and why we are taking the trip.
Brief summary of where we've been so far.
Trip Log
Collection of logs from our trip. We move old postings in the "Latest Update" to this section when we create a new posting. Also contains some pictures from our pre-trip life.

Ken's Blog

Being on a boat gives you time to think. Also raises the question of what to do with those thoughts when you get them. So Ken has decided to start posting the things he writes, on whatever subject.

Ken would welcome your comments.

Contact Us

Information on how to contact us via our land-based email. We'd love to hear from you.

Please note that we can update ONLY our position (available in "Locate Eagle's Wings" section) while underway. Other updates have to wait until we are in a port that has internet access.